У Шерлока Холмса посетитель. Часть-1


У Шерлока Холмса посетитель. Часть-1
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Mr Sherlock Holmes, who usually got up very late, except on those quite frequent occasions when he did not go to bed all night, was sitting  at the breakfast table.
I was standing in front of the fire, examining a walking stick which a visitor had left behind the day before.
   "To Dr James Mortimer, from his friends," was engraved upon it, with the date "1884."

Sherlock Holmes suddenly turned to me and said:
   "The owner of that stick, Watson, has got a dog which is larger than a terrier and smaller than a mastiff".
    "How do you know?" I asked in surprise.
    "I examined that stick carefully and noticed the marks of a dog's teeth on it", answered Holmes.
    "They are too broad for a terrier and not broad enough for a mastiff.

Probably the dog often carries the stick behind its master. I think it must be a spaniel, in fact it is a spaniel."
    He had left the breakfast table and was standing near the window as he said this. I looked at him in surprise and asked:
    "How can you be so sure of that?"
    "For the simple reason that I see the dog at our door and I hear the bell which its master is ringing. I wonder why Dr Mortimer wishes to see Mr Sherlock Holmes. Well, we'll soon know. Come in," he added, for there was a knock at the door.

A gentleman entered the room followed by a brown spaniel.
The visitor was a very tall, thin man, with a long nose like a beak, and grey eyes that sparkled brightly from behind a pair of glasses.
Though he was still young, his long back was already bowed. As he entered, his eyes fell upon the stick in Holmes's hand, and he ran towards it with an exclamation of joy.
    "I am so glad," he said. "I didn't know where I had left it. Are you Mr Sherlock Holmes?"
    "Yes, Dr Mortimer, and this is my friend Dr Watson."
    "I am very glad to meet you, Mr Holmes. I have heard much about you and your friend. I called on you last night, but unfortunately didn't find you at home."
    Sherlock Holmes invited the visitor to sit down. When Dr Mortimer was comfortably seated in an armchair, Holmes asked him about the purpose of his visit.
    "I have come to you, Mr Holmes, because I have to solve an extraordinary problem, and I cannot do it without your help."
    "Then let us hear all about it," said Holmes. "Dr Watson is a professional brother of yours and his presence may be useful to us."
    Dr Mortimer drew a folded sheet of yellow paper from his pocket and said:
   "Here is an old manuscript belonging to the eighteenth century. The exact date is 1742.
This family paper was given to me by Sir Charles Baskerville of whose sudden and tragic death a few months ago you must have heard.
I was his friend as well as his doctor. He was a clever man, but he believed the story told in this document and his mind was always prepared for a tragic death."

    Holmes looked attentively at the manuscript.
    "It's a legend of some sort, I think," he said.
    "Yes," answered Dr Mortimer, "It's an old legend which is well known in the Baskerville family."
    "But I thought that you wanted to consult me on a more modern and practical matter."
    "Oh yes! The matter is most modern and practical and must be decided in twenty four hours.
The manuscript is short and it's important for the problem that I must solve. With your permission I'll read it to you."
    "We are ready to listen," answered Holmes, leaning back in his armchair.  Далее>

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