Второе письмо доктора Ватсона. Часть-12

<Назад  SECOND REPORT OF DR. WATSON — Второе письмо доктора Ватсона  Далее>


Baskerville Hall, October 15th

My dear Holmes,
Since my last letter some things have become much clearer and some more complicated.

    The morning after my night adventure I went to the room in which Barrymore had been and examined it carefully. The window of this room is the only window of the house through which you can see the moor quite clearly, as there is an opening between the trees in front of it. So probably Barrymore was looking for something or somebody on the moor. The night was very dark and I am sure it was quite impossible to see anyone. As I could not find any explanation for Barrymore's strange conduct I told Sir Henry about it. He was not very much surprised.