Третье письмо доктора Ватсона. Часть-13

<Назад  Chapter 13. THIRD REPORT OF DR WATSON — Третье письмо доктора Ватсона   Далее>


Baskerville Hall, October 15th

My dear Holmes,
I was obliged to interrupt my letter as the bell rang for dinner. Now I can continue my report and I want to tell you all about the Barrymores.

    We sat up with Sir Henry in his rooms for two nights, but the first night nothing happened. The second night we put out the lamp and sat smoking cigarettes in silence. The clock struck one, then two. We were beginning to fall asleep in our chairs when suddenly we heard a very soft step in the passage. It was Barrymore. We waited till he had passed our room, then followed him noiselessly.