Отрывки из дневника доктора Ватсона. Часть-14

<Назад  EXTRACTS FROM THE DIARY OF DR WATSON — Отрывки из дневниак доктора Ватсона Далее>


Here are some extracts from my diary. From them the reader will learn of the events that happened after my last report to Sherlock Holmes.
    October 16th. A dull and rainy day. The house is as melancholy as the weather. Everything is gloomy around and I myself have a feeling that there is a danger here, though I cannot guess where it comes from. I certainly do not believe in anything supernatural, but facts are facts, and there is something very strange about the moor. I have twice heard a sound which was like the distant barking of a dog. But if there is a hound on the moor, where is it hidden? Where does it get its food? Why has no one seen it by day? And what about the stranger whom I saw on the rock? He is not one of those whom I have met here and I have now met all the neigbours. Is he a friend or an enemy? Is it possible that he is the man who followed Sir Henry in London? If only I could find out who he is!