Незнакомец на скале и Лора Лаенс. Часть-15

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Незнакомец на скале и Лора Лаенс. Часть-15

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October 18th. At breakfast I told Sir Henry about my meeting with Dr Mortimer and our conversation about Laura Lyons. It was decided that I should go to Coombe Tracey alone, and I started in the afternoon.
    I had no difficulty in finding Mrs Lyon's rooms. She was at home and received me without ceremony. My first impression of her was that she was very beautiful, but when I looked at her more attentively, I noticed something coarse and hard in her face. She asked me about the reason for my visit.

    "I have come to speak to you about Sir Charles Baskerville," I said.
    "What can I tell you about him?" she asked nervously. "All I can say is that he was very kind to me and helped me much."
    "Did you correspond with him?"
    The lady looked angry. "What is the purpose of these questions?" she asked sharply.
    "I want to avoid a public scandal, Mrs Lyons," I answered. "It's better to speak here than at the police."
    She was silent and her face was very pale. "Well, I'll answer your questions," she said.