Собака Баскервилей. Часть-19

<Назад  THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES — Собака Баскервиллей  Далее>


Sherlock Holmes never told anyone of his plans until it was time to carry them out. That evening Lestrade and I followed him along the lonely path which led to Merripit House, but we did not know what we were going to do, as Holmes was silent. When we were about two hundred yards from the house Holmes stopped.
    "Are you armed, Lestrade?" he asked.
    The detective smiled. "Since I have trousers on I have a pocket, and since I have a pocket there's a revolver in it," he answered.

    "That's good. These rocks on the right make a fine cover. We'll act here."
    We hid among the rocks.
    "Do you know the windows of the house, Watson?" Holmes asked me a minute later.
    "Certainly I do. The window that shines so brightly is the dining-room window."