Сэр Генри из Канады. Часть-5

<Назад  SIR HENRY BASKERVILLE — Сэр Генри Баскервиль  Далее> 

 Сэр Генри из Канады. Часть-5

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It had just struck ten next morning when Dr Mortimer and Sir Henry Baskerville knocked at the door of the house in Baker Street.

The latter was a short dark-eyed man of about thirty with a sunburnt, energetic face. In his hand he was holding an envelope.
    "This is Sir Henry Baskerville," said Dr Mortimer.
    "Yes," he said, "and the strange thing is, Mr Holmes, that if my friend had not suggested coming round to see you this morning I should have come anyhow. I know that you solve little puzzles, and I've had one this morning that I cannot solve.
I have just received a strange letter  and I want to show it to you."