Исчезнувшие ботинки. Часть-6

<Назад   THE MISSING BOOTS — Исчезнувшие ботинки  Далее>

Исчезнувшие ботинки. Часть-6

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On the way to the Northumberland Hotel Holmes entered a telegraph office.
There he sent a wire to the Official Registry  inquiring for the name and address of the cabman whose number he had remembered. As we were going up the stairs of the Northumberland Hotel, we saw Sir Henry standing on the landing of the second floor. His face was red with anger and he was holding an old and dirty boot in one of his hands.

    "By thunder," he cried, "if my boot isn't found immediately, there will be trouble."
    "Are you still looking for your boot?" I exclaimed.
    "Yes," said Sir Henry.