Баскервиль Холл. Часть-8

<Назад  BASKERVILLE HALL — Баскервиль Холл  Далее>

  Баскервиль Холл. Часть-8

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On the appointed day Sir Henry Baskerville and Dr Mortimer were at the station. Sherlock Holmes and I soon joined them there.

    "I do not ask you to make your own theories, Watson," said Holmes, taking me aside. "I only beg you to report all the possible facts to me."
    "What sort of facts?" I asked.

    "Everything that has the smallest connection with this case — and especially the relations between Sir Henry and his neighbours.
If you hear of any new details connected with the death of Sir Charles, let me know. And study the people who live on the moor near Baskerville Hall — the Barrymores, Dr Mortimer, the naturalist Stapleton and his sister, Mr Frankland and one or two other neighbours."
    "I will do my best."
    "You are armed, I suppose?"
    "Yes, I thought it necessary."
    "Certainly. Never be off your guard. Keep your revolver near you night and day."
     "I will, my dear friend. Don't worry."
    "By the way, Sir Henry," said Holmes, turning to young Baskerville who was talking to Dr Mortimer, "Have you found your black boot?"
    "No, Mr Holmes, it has disappeared."
    "That is very interesting. Well, good-bye," he added as the train began to move, "and remember, Sir Henry, don't walk on the moor alone when it's dark."