Степелтон, натуралист. Часть-9

<Назад   STAPLETON, THE NATURALIST — Степелтон, натуралист  Далее>

Степелтон, натуралист. Часть-9

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The morning was bright and sunny, and the room looked quite cheerful as Sir Henry and I sat down to breakfast.

    "We were tired and cold after our journey last night," said Sir Henry, "so the place seemed gloomy. It looks much more cheerful today."
    "That is true," I answered, "but didn't you hear the sobbing of a woman in the night?"
    "It is strange," exclaimed Sir Henry, "for when I was half asleep I heard something of the sort. I thought it was in my dream."
    "I heard it clearly and I'm sure that it was really the sobbing of a woman," I said.
    "We'll ask Barrymore about it," said Sir Henry ringing the bell.