Общение водителя с полицейским на английском языке

cop (коп): полицейский
crap (крэп): (= shit) – чепуха, дерьмо
dumb (дам): глупый
exceed the speed limit (эксид зэ спид лимит):  превышать ограничение скорости
fine (файн): штраф
foreign (форин): иностранный
giggle (гигл): хихикать
guy (гай): парень
inhabit area (инхэбит эриа): жилая зона
issue (исью): выписать
limit (лимит): ограничение
break the low (брэйк зэ лоу): нарушать закон
prove (прув): доказать
speed (спид): скорость
sure (шуа): конечно
ticket (тикет): штраф
trick (трик): трюк обманывать, надувать

speed limit – ограничение скорости
(It) doesn't matter. – (Это) не имеет значения.
ID (ай ди)- удостоверение личности (права)
driver license (драйвэ лайсенс) – водительские права
Why? (Вай)- А что, зачем?
Come on (кам он)- до ладно, бросьте, перестаньте ("лапшу вешать")

The guys from Russia exceeded the speed limit and decided to speak in English with a Ukrainian policeman. They were sure that he does not understand English and just let go and they will not have to pay a fine. But …
– Cops! Look …
– Ohhh, come on. Are you kidding me?
– What do they want from us?
– OK… I've exceeded the speed limit, so what?
– Crap! Why? We are in a foreign country…
– Oh come on… Let's trick him in English, you know they are dumb.
– Wow, right! Talk to him in English, yeah?
– Ok, just don't giggle! – I won't! And you try not to!
– Road Police Sergeant Kolomiets. Please show your IDs.
– IDs! IDs! IDs! Do you understand me? IDs!
– STOP! One moment!

–  Good day! Road Police Senior Inspector Kucher
– Do you speak English?
– Yes, sure.
– Why you stopped us?
– You exceeded the speed limit.
– What kind of speed limit?
– 60 km/hour in inhabit area.
– It's a rent car and we're foreigners.
– Doesn't matter.
– Can you prove it?
– Could you show me driver license?
– Why?
– Because you broke the low.
– We don't have ane kind of speed limit in our country.
– Come on guys! Where are you from? What's the speed limit in your country?
– We're from North, from Switzerland. I don't know what's speed limit in my country.
– But I know. It's 50 km/h. Please give me your driver license. Oh, Russian Federation… Welcome to Ukraine. Ну чё, пойдём оформлять? (Okay, let's go to issue you some tickets… )

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