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Шерлок Холмс и  Доктор ВатсонШерлок Холмс и доктор Ватсон, часть первая "Собака Баскервилей" с Василием Ливановым и Виталием Соломиным.  Уверен, что Вы знаете русский фильм, практически наизусть.
Обычно, мы смотрим фильм на английском и пытаемся понять то, что слышим. То есть, усовершенствуем навыки "слышанья" (listening skills). Здесь, всё наоборот, слышите русский и думаете, как знакомую фразу сказать на английском. То есть, обратный перевод с русского на английский.


Легенда семьи Баскервилей. Часть-2

<Назад  Chapter 2. THE BASKERVILLE LEGEND — Легенда Баскервилей  Далее>

Легенда семьи Баскервилей. Часть-2
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Язык: русский с английскими субтитрами (11Mb)
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Dr Mortimer unfolded the manuscript, and read the following strange story:   

    "A hundred years ago the Hall of Baskerville was owned by Hugo Baskerville.
    He was a wild and cruel man. It happened that he fell in love with the daughter of a poor farmer who lived near Baskerville Hall. The girl always avoided the wicked man, for she feared and hated him.
    But one night, when her father and brothers were away from home, this Hugo rode to the farm with five or six of his evil companions and carried the young girl away.
    When they brought her to the Hall they locked her in a room upstairs.

Then they went downstairs and sat down to supper, drinking wine, shouting, singing and swearing.
    The poor girl was so frightened that she did something that might have frightened the bravest man.
    With the help of the ivy which covered (and still covers) the wall, she climbed out of the window and got down.
    Then she ran across the moor towards her father's home as fast as she could.
    "Some time later Hugo found that the cage was empty and the bird had escaped.
    Then he became like a human devil. He ran down the stairs into the dining hall, jumped on to the great table and cried aloud to all his companions that he would give up his body and soul to the Powers of Evil if he caught the girl. He ordered his men to saddle his horse and to loosen the hounds. He gave the hounds the girl's handkerchief to put them on the scent. Then he rode after them across the moor in the moonlight.
    At first Hugo's drunken friends were so frightened that they did not know what to do. But then they decided to follow him.
    "When they had gone some distance they heard the sound of hoofs and soon they saw Hugo's black horse.
    The animal galloped past them. Its saddle was empty!.
    A little farther they saw the hounds. The animals were standing all together between two high rocks and whining.
    The moon was shining brightly and the men, who were now quite sober, saw the body of the poor girl on the ground.
    She had died of fear and exhaustion. Near her lay the dead body of Hugo Baskerville and over him stood a terrible thing biting at his throat — a great black hound, larger than any other hound.
    When the men went forward, the beast turned its blazing eyes and bloody jaws on them. They screamed with fear, and galloped back across the moor as fast as they could.
    "Such is the tale of the first coming of the hound, which has always troubled the family since that day.
    Therefore no member of the family must cross the moor in the dark hours of night, when the Powers of Evil are at their strongest.

У Шерлока Холмса посетитель. Часть-1


У Шерлока Холмса посетитель. Часть-1
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Mr Sherlock Holmes, who usually got up very late, except on those quite frequent occasions when he did not go to bed all night, was sitting  at the breakfast table.
I was standing in front of the fire, examining a walking stick which a visitor had left behind the day before.
   "To Dr James Mortimer, from his friends," was engraved upon it, with the date "1884."

Sherlock Holmes suddenly turned to me and said:
   "The owner of that stick, Watson, has got a dog which is larger than a terrier and smaller than a mastiff".
    "How do you know?" I asked in surprise.
    "I examined that stick carefully and noticed the marks of a dog's teeth on it", answered Holmes.
    "They are too broad for a terrier and not broad enough for a mastiff.

Probably the dog often carries the stick behind its master. I think it must be a spaniel, in fact it is a spaniel."
    He had left the breakfast table and was standing near the window as he said this. I looked at him in surprise and asked:
    "How can you be so sure of that?"
    "For the simple reason that I see the dog at our door and I hear the bell which its master is ringing. I wonder why Dr Mortimer wishes to see Mr Sherlock Holmes. Well, we'll soon know. Come in," he added, for there was a knock at the door.

A gentleman entered the room followed by a brown spaniel.
The visitor was a very tall, thin man, with a long nose like a beak, and grey eyes that sparkled brightly from behind a pair of glasses.
Though he was still young, his long back was already bowed. As he entered, his eyes fell upon the stick in Holmes's hand, and he ran towards it with an exclamation of joy.
    "I am so glad," he said. "I didn't know where I had left it. Are you Mr Sherlock Holmes?"
    "Yes, Dr Mortimer, and this is my friend Dr Watson."
    "I am very glad to meet you, Mr Holmes. I have heard much about you and your friend. I called on you last night, but unfortunately didn't find you at home."
    Sherlock Holmes invited the visitor to sit down. When Dr Mortimer was comfortably seated in an armchair, Holmes asked him about the purpose of his visit.
    "I have come to you, Mr Holmes, because I have to solve an extraordinary problem, and I cannot do it without your help."
    "Then let us hear all about it," said Holmes. "Dr Watson is a professional brother of yours and his presence may be useful to us."
    Dr Mortimer drew a folded sheet of yellow paper from his pocket and said:
   "Here is an old manuscript belonging to the eighteenth century. The exact date is 1742.
This family paper was given to me by Sir Charles Baskerville of whose sudden and tragic death a few months ago you must have heard.
I was his friend as well as his doctor. He was a clever man, but he believed the story told in this document and his mind was always prepared for a tragic death."

    Holmes looked attentively at the manuscript.
    "It's a legend of some sort, I think," he said.
    "Yes," answered Dr Mortimer, "It's an old legend which is well known in the Baskerville family."
    "But I thought that you wanted to consult me on a more modern and practical matter."
    "Oh yes! The matter is most modern and practical and must be decided in twenty four hours.
The manuscript is short and it's important for the problem that I must solve. With your permission I'll read it to you."
    "We are ready to listen," answered Holmes, leaning back in his armchair.  Далее>

Лика, Израиль; Очень хорошо придумано- и слышишь англ.речь, видишь текст- и ролик фильма на русском с субтитрами- 3 в 1)))
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Гримпинская трясина. Часть-10

<Назад  GRIMPEN MIRE — Гримпинская трясина  Далее>

 Гримпинская трясина. Часть-10

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During our walk Stapleton spoke of the moor and showed me the dreadful Grimpen Mire covered with bright green spots. They looked pleasant, but were treacherous and dangerous.

       "It's a terrible place, the great Grimpen Mire. A false step there means death to man or beast."
    As the path approached the mire we saw something brown rolling and tossing in the green grass. Then a long neck of a pony rose desperately and a dreadful cry came over the moor. In a moment the animal disappeared.


Степелтон, натуралист. Часть-9

<Назад   STAPLETON, THE NATURALIST — Степелтон, натуралист  Далее>

Степелтон, натуралист. Часть-9

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The morning was bright and sunny, and the room looked quite cheerful as Sir Henry and I sat down to breakfast.

    "We were tired and cold after our journey last night," said Sir Henry, "so the place seemed gloomy. It looks much more cheerful today."
    "That is true," I answered, "but didn't you hear the sobbing of a woman in the night?"
    "It is strange," exclaimed Sir Henry, "for when I was half asleep I heard something of the sort. I thought it was in my dream."
    "I heard it clearly and I'm sure that it was really the sobbing of a woman," I said.
    "We'll ask Barrymore about it," said Sir Henry ringing the bell.


Баскервиль Холл. Часть-8

<Назад  BASKERVILLE HALL — Баскервиль Холл  Далее>

  Баскервиль Холл. Часть-8

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On the appointed day Sir Henry Baskerville and Dr Mortimer were at the station. Sherlock Holmes and I soon joined them there.

    "I do not ask you to make your own theories, Watson," said Holmes, taking me aside. "I only beg you to report all the possible facts to me."
    "What sort of facts?" I asked.

    "Everything that has the smallest connection with this case — and especially the relations between Sir Henry and his neighbours.
If you hear of any new details connected with the death of Sir Charles, let me know. And study the people who live on the moor near Baskerville Hall — the Barrymores, Dr Mortimer, the naturalist Stapleton and his sister, Mr Frankland and one or two other neighbours."
    "I will do my best."
    "You are armed, I suppose?"
    "Yes, I thought it necessary."
    "Certainly. Never be off your guard. Keep your revolver near you night and day."
     "I will, my dear friend. Don't worry."
    "By the way, Sir Henry," said Holmes, turning to young Baskerville who was talking to Dr Mortimer, "Have you found your black boot?"
    "No, Mr Holmes, it has disappeared."
    "That is very interesting. Well, good-bye," he added as the train began to move, "and remember, Sir Henry, don't walk on the moor alone when it's dark."


Кэбмэн. Часть-7

<Назад   THE CABMAN — Кэбмэн  Далее>

Кэбмэн. Часть-7

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A few minutes later the door bell rang and a man entered the room.
    "I have heard that you wanted to see the cabman of No. 2704,"

 he said. "I have come to ask you what you have against me."
    "I have nothing against you, my good fellow," said Holmes. "On the contrary. If you give me a clear answer to my questions I'll give you half a sovereign."


Проблема. Часть-4

<Назад  THE PROBLEM — Проблема  Далее>

Проблема. Часть-4
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Dr Mortimer finished his story and nobody spoke. The expression in Holmes's eyes showed that he was greatly interested.
    "You saw the footprints?" he asked after a short silence.       

"As clearly as I see you."
    "But why did nobody else notice them?"
    "The footprints were at some distance from the body. I noticed them because I knew the legend about the hound."
    "But perhaps they were the prints of a sheepdog. There must be many on the moor."


Смерть сэра Чарльза. Часть-3

<Назад  THE DEATH OF SIR CHARLES — Смерть сэра Чарльза  Далее>

Смерть сэра Чарльза. Часть-3
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When Dr Mortimer had finished reading this strange story, he took off his glasses, folded the manuscript, then turned to Sherlock Holmes and said: "Don't you find it interesting?"

   "Only for a collector of fairy tales," answered Holmes.
    Dr Mortimer drew a newspaper out of his pocket.
    "Now, Mr Holmes, this will probably interest you more. This is a local newspaper. It gives an account of the death of Sir Charles Baskerville. Let me read it to you." Our visitor put on his glasses again and began reading.


Сэр Генри из Канады. Часть-5

<Назад  SIR HENRY BASKERVILLE — Сэр Генри Баскервиль  Далее> 

 Сэр Генри из Канады. Часть-5

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It had just struck ten next morning when Dr Mortimer and Sir Henry Baskerville knocked at the door of the house in Baker Street.

The latter was a short dark-eyed man of about thirty with a sunburnt, energetic face. In his hand he was holding an envelope.
    "This is Sir Henry Baskerville," said Dr Mortimer.
    "Yes," he said, "and the strange thing is, Mr Holmes, that if my friend had not suggested coming round to see you this morning I should have come anyhow. I know that you solve little puzzles, and I've had one this morning that I cannot solve.
I have just received a strange letter  and I want to show it to you."